Yara Rules Repository


This project covers the need of a group of IT Security Researches to have a single repository where different Yara signatures are compiled, classified and kept as up to date as possible, and begin as an open source community for collecting Yara rules. Our Yara ruleset is under the GNU-GPLv2 license and open to any user or organization, as long as you use it under this license.

Yara is being increasingly used, but knowledge about the tool and its usage is dispersed in many different places. YaraRules project aims to be the meeting point for Yara users, gathering together a ruleset as complete as possible thus providing users a quick way to get Yara ready for usage.

We hope this project is useful for the Security Community and all Yara Users, and are looking forward to your feedback. Join this community by subscribing to our mailing list or our Github.


The YaraRules team.